A few comments from people who are enjoying the taste of their favorite wines

The Pure Wine Aerator truly makes for a smoother finish and enhances the drinking experience. Simply try the same bottle of wine before and after and you will experience the difference. 

Mike P.

I have one and I use it all the time because I only buy cheap wine. This is really a great invention.
Linda P.

I haven’t been able to drink wine for years because I’m so allergic to sulphites! This really takes the sulphites out and any bitter taste.  I’m finally enjoying a glass of wine with my meals. After drinking a glass of wine with the sulphites removed, it reminded me of being back in Italy when I could drink without getting the headaches from the additives and the wine actually tastes better. This is an amazing invention!
Thank you!
Linda P.

After have using the wine aerator, I realized I did not feel lightheaded as I usually do after drinking even a half glass of wine.  Also, I noticed the wine did not have a burning sensation when I drank it as wine has had that effect on me in the past.  This is something I would love to have so I can enjoy a nice glass of wine without any side affects.
Gail N.

Thanks Mike. I met you a few months ago up at MAKE WINE WITH US tasting event near Met life. My Uncle is an avid, I was going to buy a portion of a barrel at the next event. Used the aerator I bought at the show and now the cartridge has probably been through 20-30 bottles. So far, so great. Going to try it on vodka and see if there's a difference there as well. Stay healthy and hope to see you again soon. Chris

Thanks Mike